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Our Roof systems are custom designed for your new room and are engineered to your local building codes. whether you choose an insulated panel-lock roof, or our polycarbonate roof system, your room will be cozy for years to come!

Roof Selection

Insulated panel-lock roof system

  • High density foam for superior strength and energy efficiency
  • Unique panel-lock roof system prevents leaking
  • Engineered for your local building codes
  • Krystal Koating, applied electrostatically, gives the exterior shell the hardest coating available for complete durability

Polycarbonate roof system

  • virtually shatterproof material
  • Lightweight and has a co-extruded UV protection layer
  • Exceptional resistance to aging
  • Protects you and your belongings from being affected by the sun

Pure Light Patio Covers

As one of our most popular and versatile backyard solutions, the Pure Light Patio Cover
provides fast and enduring protection from damaging UV rays, unbearable heat, and
harsh, wet weather. The cover’s unique hanging rail allows for a variety of application
settings, from brick, siding and stucco walls to fascia mount and even rooftop
attachments. The direct advantage is that in virtually any application this classic cover
offers a versatile solution in the widest range of sizes.

Patio covers are widely used as entranceway covers, carports, BBQ shelters,
greenhouse covers, and the list goes on! Almost any cover can be enclosed
immediately or at a later date, with virtually no impact to pricing.

Key features:

–        Very versatile, will fit most applications
–        Highly customizable, including width, length, height and pitch
–        Widest range of home attachment points (wall, fascia or roof top)
–        Classic, clean lines to complement your home
–        Priced to fit most budgets
–        Can be enclosed at a later date
–        Short installation timeframe

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