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Image by Ethan Walsweer


Also known as a "No-See-Ums" screen, this fiberglass screen is a tightly woven 20x20 mesh, designed to keep out most smaller flying insects

Key Features:


Fiberglass screen is coated with a protective vinyl to ensure lasting beauty, color & flexibility


The 20x20 fiberglass mesh allows for smooth ventilation and exceptional visibility 


Noncombustible, rust and corrosion resistant, making it perfect for our windows and doors

How much do BetterVue Screenrooms cost?


Enclosing an existing porch with 20x20 BetterVue screens, generally ranges in cost from $3000 - $10k +

Screenroom additions (adding a room from scratch) can vary much more broadly but in general, will be approx 3x-5x the cost of enclosing an existing room


Every room we install is a custom project and requires an on-site design consultation to estimate accurately

To schedule your free on site estimate, please visit our Schedule an Estimate page

What are BetterVue Screenrooms made out of?


Glass enclosures consist of two main components:

Powder coated aluminum framework


20x20 BetterVue Screens

Porch Conversion also offers additional options that can be added to your sunroom project, including:

  • Custom tile floors

  • Mini Split HVAC systems

  • Insulation

  • Decking & Railing

  • Painting

  • Concrete patios and walkways

  • Custom carpentry and finishing services

Do I need a permit?


Not typically.


Screen enclosures generally do not require a general building and electrical permit, as per local county building codes

What type of warranty is included?


Porch Conversion workmanship warranty

How long does an install take to complete?


While your individual Designer and Superintendent will estimate a project timeline specific to your project, most screen enclosures are completed within 1-3 days (depending on county inspections, weather, suppliers, etc)

Screenroom additions (adding a roof instead of enclosing an existing porch) typically triple time on site

For a detailed description of the enclosure process, check out our Screenroom Installation Guide below:

What is the current lead time to start a new project?


Porch Conversion averages approx 300 sunroom installations per year and generally operates on a 1-3 month lead time for most screenroom enclosure projects

Note: Lead times are estimated and subject to change without notice

Do you use your own installation crews?



With over a decade of service to the Wilmington, Leland, and surrounding areas, Porch Conversion has been able to assemble a team of full service installation crews for your project

The ability for our crews to specialize in sunroom installations has allowed us to be able to maintain the quality of our Award Winning sunrooms for more than 13 + years

Do you have a showroom?




Our 10,000 sqft showroom is located at:

6821 Market St.

Wilmington, NC 28405

Open: Monday - Friday (9a - 3p)

Open: Saturday (10a - 3p)*


*Unstaffed: Building is open and available for self-guided walk through but Porch Conversion staff will not be present


Closed: Sundays

How do I get started?


Our team of Sunroom Designers are available to provide you with a custom proposal for your upcoming project.

Just give us a call (910-777-3363) or click on the Get A Free Estimate Button below to schedule your on-site design consultation:

The BetterVue Screen Enclosure Process

Stage 1
Demo & Framework Install

Stage 2
Screen Installation


Our Porch Conversion Installation crew will typically arrive on site between 8am - 11am (depending on specific project requirements) for the first day of Install


The team will remove any unnecessary existing framework/windows from your porch and replace with new, custom, powder-coated, aluminum framework

The first step of which will be to install framework around the perimeter of the room (top, bottom, sides) 

After the openings are framed out, your BetterVue Screen can be installed

Each section of screen is hand-rolled into our custom framework on site

Your Dreamroom is complete!

Sit back with that cup of coffee or invite the neighbors over and show off your new space!

We'd love to hear from you about your experience by leaving us a review on Google here:

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